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Scene-setting for ammonia in the marine industry: propulsion systems, FPSOs & jettyless tech

As the maritime industry gears towards the use of more sustainable fuels, Denmark-based cargo pump supplier Svanehoj reports increased orders for ammonia-capable equipment to be used on LPG tankers. Navantia and H2SITE will combine their expertise in shipbuilding and ammonia cracking to create hydrogen-based propulsion systems. Thyssenkrupp Uhde’s ammonia technology will be used in SwitcH2’s floating ammonia production vessels to harness offshore wind energy. And Iverson eFuels will use ECOnnects’ jettyless gas transfer technology at its 200,000 tonnes per year ammonia production facility in Norway.

Solid oxide electrolysis: building capacity

Solid oxide electrolysis has recently gained traction, and is fast becoming an attractive technology option for new ammonia production projects. This week we will explore a recent ISPT report, the scale-up of Topsoe’s manufacturing capacity, and several project announcements.

Flexible ammonia synthesis: shifting the narrative around hydrogen storage

Flexible ammonia production technology is currently scaling up to meet the challenges of fluctuating electricity feedstock. The ability to ramp down plants to 5 - 10% of their nominal load will minimize the requirement for hydrogen storage buffers and reduce the overall cost of renewable ammonia production. The first demonstration-sized flexible ammonia plants are due to begin operations later this year.