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Yara: decarbonising ammonia production in Italy

Yara and a consortium of industrial partners will join forces to develop a CCS project near the cities of Ravenna and Ferrara in northern Italy. The partners represent a wide range of energy-intensive industries, including Yara’s two fertiliser & urea production plants. The Ravenna project would capture emissions from industrial facilities in the area, transport and permanently store them in depleted gas fields in the Adriatic Sea. The project is the first of its kind in Italy.

The Emerging Ammonia-Methanol Dialectic

Based on recent press reports, ammonia has a new friend: methanol. With the two upstart fuels being mentioned together with increasing frequency, they seem poised to develop on parallel paths as each seeks market applications where it can become a mainstay solution.

The Ammonia Wrap: India updates, continuous hydrogen production by SOEC, a new zero-emissions shipping company and Port of Rotterdam developments

Welcome to the Ammonia Wrap: a summary of all the latest announcements, news items and publications about ammonia energy. This week: updates from India, the PROMETEO project - continuous hydrogen production by SOEC, Viridis Bulk Carriers - a new zero-emissions shipping company, Korean Register AiP for ammonia bunkering vessel, two green hydrogen import MoUs for the Port of Rotterdam and Haldor Topsoe and Nel team up to offer green fuel solutions.