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Infinity Power & Masdar: mega renewable projects in Mauritania, Egypt

Masdar joint venture Infinity Power, Germany-based Conjuncta and the government of Mauritania have agreed to develop an export mega-project. Up to 8 million tonnes per year of renewable fuels of non-biological origin will be produced for export to Germany. In Egypt, Masdar’s two million tonne per year ammonia fuel project on the Suez Canal has been fast-tracked via a “golden license”.

COP27: raised ambitions for Africa

Fortescue Future Industries and the Kenyan government will develop a 300 MW, geothermal-powered ammonia & fertiliser production plant. The project is part of a larger pipeline (25 GW) of renewable energy generation being explored by FFI and Kenya. In Mauritania, bp will explore the potential for large-scale renewable hydrogen production, and a new report from Masdar has laid out the opportunities on offer for Africa: as much as 10% of the global renewable hydrogen market by 2050, or 60 million tonnes per year.

Gigawatt-scale renewable ammonia in Northwest Africa

In our November episode of Ammonia Project Features we explored two gigawatt-sized ammonia production projects in Northwest Africa: AMUN (Morocco) and AMAN (Mauritania). Nouri Chahid (CWP Global) presented project details, while Lloyd Pinnell (Systemiq) explored the socio-economic impacts of AMAN in Mauritania. If developed in the right way, AMAN could provide potable water, access to cheap renewable electricity, significant local employment & education opportunities, as well as the opportunity to build institutions to best manage new economic windfalls.

Renewable ammonia in Northwest Africa

Meet CWP Global, developers of 30 GW of wind & solar in Mauritania (the AMAN project), and 15 GW of wind & solar in Morocco (AMUN project), with both projects focused on renewable ammonia production. To explore the social-economic benefits of these projects, hear from SYSTEMIQ.

Mauritanian mega-project takes next steps

New project details have emerged from the AMAN mega-project in Mauritania. CWP Global indicates the project will include 18GW of wind capacity and 12GW of solar capacity in northwest Mauritania, producing 10 million tonnes of renewable ammonia per year for export and local use.

CWP Global taps Bechtel to help develop African ammonia projects

CWP Global has selected US-based engineering organisation Bechtel to support the development of large-scale green hydrogen and ammonia facilities in northwest Africa. CWP Global is leading development of two Supergiants in the region: the AMAN project in Mauritania (renewable ammonia), and the AMUN project in Morocco (renewable fertilisers). In other engineering news, Total Eren has selected UK-based Wood to develop the production complex for its H2 Magallanes project. Wood is already engaged in two significant blue ammonia projects (Al Ruwais, UAE, and the Barents Blue project in Norway).

Mauritania ammonia mega-project enters next phase

This week in Glasgow, CWP Global and the Mauritanian government announced a timeline & production capacity for the mega project. The partners also call for the development of associated decarbonisation projects in Mauritania, helping to develop a local hydrogen & ammonia economy. Announced in June, the Aman project will be located on a 8,500 km2 desert site in the country’s north and be powered by 30 GW of wind and solar capacity.

The Ammonia Wrap: 30 GW Power-to-X project in Mauritania and more

Welcome to the Ammonia Wrap: a summary of all the latest announcements, news items and publications about ammonia energy. This week: a 30 GW Power-to-X project in Mauritania, green hydrogen and ammonia in Egypt, €8 billion for 62 hydrogen projects in Germany, Cummins' electrolyser gigafactory in Spain, Ammonia engine development in Portugal and Shchekinoazot gets a new decarbonisation partner.