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Hydro-electric ammonia: project design, engineering & technology selection

To design, build & operate a hydroelectric ammonia production plant fed by electrolytic hydrogen, what considerations need to be taken into account? Our recent episode of Ammonia Project Features explored this question, focusing on an upcoming project being developed in Paraguay by ATOME, URBAS and Casale. The use of surplus hydropower, existing industrial infrastructure, proactive engineering and commercially-available, flexible ammonia synthesis technologies all adds up to a less challenging task for developers, and a potential project template going forward.

Renewable ammonia in Colombia

Colombian fertiliser producer Monómeros has signed an MoU with local power utility APBAQ to develop a renewable ammonia project near the city of Barranquilla, on Colombia’s Caribbean coast. The project will be powered by a 350 MW offshore wind farm being developed by Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners.

Green ammonia in Paraguay

Paraguay's National Administration of Electricity (ANDE) signed a new MoU this week with MET Development and FerSam Uruguay to develop a 100% renewable energy-powered fertiliser plant in Alto Paraná. Hydroelectricity from the nearby Itaipu Dam will power green hydrogen production, which will then be utilised to produce ammonium nitrate fertilisers. ATOME Energy also announced plans for a 250 MW green hydrogen & ammonia production plant in the Itaipu Technology Park. Both project fit neatly into Paraguay's green hydrogen national strategy, with an installed electrolyser target of 600 MW set for 2030.