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Project Cormorant: carbon capture-based ammonia in Texas

8 Rivers will develop the 880,000 tonnes-per-year production facility in Port Arthur, Texas. Utilizing its proprietary 8RH2 hydrogen production process - where captive CO2 molecules are continuously recycled and utilized - 8 Rivers plans to produce ammonia for local use & export markets, including power generation in South Korea.

KBR to provide cracking tech for new South Korean project

KBR will deploy its new H2ACTSM ammonia cracking technology in Daesan, South Korea, delivering 200 tonnes of hydrogen per day as fuel for power generation. The new project is part of Hanwha Corporation’s decarbonisation push which includes co- and 100% firing of hydrogen fuel in gas turbines, ammonia production & export, and ammonia-powered vessels.

AiP for offshore production in Korea, government funding for maritime ammonia in Scandinavia

Korea Research Institute of Ships & Ocean Engineering’s offshore hydrogen & ammonia production design has received Approval in Principle from the American Bureau of Shipping. In Scandinavia, the Norwegian government has awarded funding for two ammonia-fuelled vessel projects as part of a NOK 709 million funding round (including Yara Clean Ammonia & Viridis Bulk Carriers).