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Sunborne Systems & AFC Energy: successful ammonia cracker demonstrations

Sunborne Systems ran a successful demonstration for its ammonia cracking reactor in Oxford, producing a fuel blend capable of powering a small vehicle or small generator unit. Also in the UK, AFC Energy announced a similarly successful demonstration of its integrated cracker and purifier system, producing hydrogen fuel which meets purity & ISO standards for heavy vehicle refueling.

Construction underway for ammonia-to-hydrogen demonstrator in Birmingham, UK

The Ammogen consortium has begun construction on a commercial scale ammonia cracker in the Tyseley Energy Park, aiming to produce 200kg of hydrogen per day for the mobility market. The demonstrator is the latest in a series of announced cracking projects in the UK, demonstrating improved technology, public and private partnerships, plus the utilisation of existing port facilities and resource hubs.

UK government releases plans for low-carbon hydrogen certification scheme

The UK government has released a consultation paper outlining its current position on several certification dilemmas, as it works towards launching a fully functioning low-carbon hydrogen certification scheme before 2025. The paper grapples with challenging design choices including chain of custody and scheme participation while emphasising the importance of international collaboration and interoperability.