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Onboard cracking, fuel storage and adhering to emissions standards: highlights from the MariNH3 conference

At last month’s MariNH3 conference in Nottingham, a series of keynotes laid out the opportunities and challenges ahead for marine ammonia fuel. Onboard ammonia cracking technologies are moving through testing phases and closer to commercialisation, vessel designers are working through the unique challenges of carrying ammonia fuel onboard, and emissions mitigation technology (in combination with adherence to existing Tier 3 standards) will be necessary to ensure that ammonia-powered vessels are more environmentally-friendly than conventional counterparts.

The 3<sup>rd</sup> Symposium on Ammonia Energy: Shanghai, Sept 22-26

Learn more about the 3rd Symposium on Ammonia Energy, to be held in Shanghai from 22-26 September this year. The AEA is a proud supporter of the event, which will showcase the latest R&D in ammonia energy. Hear from a program of global researchers, take part in industry collaboration workshops, and get the chance to explore local R&D in a series of site visits.

Marine ammonia combustion engines under development in the UK

AFC Energy, MAHLE, the University of Nottingham and Clean Air Power have been awarded funding from Innovate UK to demonstrate the feasibility of ammonia combustion engines in the marine sector, based on the integration of AFC Energy’s ammonia cracking technology. The new program builds on a prior R&D program exploring ammonia combustion engines for the off-road construction industry.

GE, IHI progress ammonia gas turbine technology roadmap

GE Vernova and IHI Corporation will proceed to the engineering and testing phase for their ammonia gas turbine roadmap for Asia. Based on their efforts in 2022 to demonstrate a low-N2O combustor for a 2 MW, 100% ammonia-fired turbine, IHI will lead development of a two-stage combustor for larger-scale gas turbine models.

Mazda includes ammonia fuel in future energy roadmap

To power its global HQ and key manufacturing complex in Hiroshima, Mazda plans to completely substitute the fuel supply at MCM Energy Service coal power plant away from coal by 2035, enabling “power generation based solely on the combustion of liquid ammonia”. The fuel switch is part of a broader strategy to achieve carbon neutrality across global operations by 2035.

From Japan to North America, Striving for a Low Carbon Future through Advances in Ammonia Production

The transition to a low carbon future is a paramount global challenge, requiring innovative solutions that transcend geographical boundaries. IHI has made promising strides in ammonia production technologies, usage technologies, and engineering for a sustainable energy transformation. The presentation explains the journey from Japan’s pioneering role in utilizing ammonia as an energy carrier, including its use as a co-firing fuel in a pulverized coal power plant, to North America’s adaptation and expansion of these advancements. Amid the drive to curb carbon emissions, this presentation underscores the significance of global knowledge sharing in pursuit of cutting-edge ammonia-based solutions.