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CF, JERA to develop mega-project in Louisiana

CF Industries and JERA will work towards development of a 1.4 million tons per year, gas-based mega-project at CF’s planned Blue Point complex in Ascension Parish. JERA will explore a 48% ownership stake in the new project, with FID scheduled within a year. In Odisha, India, JERA will work with ReNew on the development of a renewables-based ammonia project.

Japan's Hydrogen Society Promotion Act

Two new Bills make up a “hydrogen promotion” package submitted to the Japanese parliament. The “Hydrogen Society Promotion Bill”, sets up a framework for awarding subsidies under the GX bonds scheme (a contracts-for-difference program), while the “CCS Business Bill” sets out permitting and monitoring requirements for domestic CCS projects in Japan.

Decarbonizing existing, SMR-based ammonia plants: workshop recap

Decarbonization of existing steam methane reforming-based ammonia plants is possible, and changes in gas and heat flows can be recovered via alternative technologies. Recap our workshop in Atlanta, where we discussed the use of upstream methane monitoring equipment, electrolysers, carbon capture, hydrogen burners, energy storage and electric heating to achieve decarbonization of conventional ammonia plants.