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Renewable ammonia in China: full speed ahead

China is keeping pace with IEA predictions for electrolyzer installations, with as much as 55% of the world’s total capacity to be installed there by 2028. Coupled with strong wind-power resources, domestic manufacturing capabilities and multiple economic drivers to transition away from coal-based ammonia production, China is ideally positioned to speed up the deployment of renewable ammonia projects.

Renewable ammonia exports from Brazil: Project Iracema

In our latest episode of Ammonia Project Features, we explored Project Iracema: a grid-connected, renewable ammonia production facility under-development in Pecem, northeast Brazil. To discuss Brazil’s unique electricity market, project details and the important role of certification to the project, AEA Technology Manager Kevin Rouwenhorst was joined by Jonas Rechreche (Proton Ventures), Matheus Kleming (Casa dos Ventos) and Ricardo Gedra (CCEE).

India: a future ammonia energy giant

Although a globally significant ammonia producer, India still relies on ammonia & fertilizer imports to support its agricultural sector. In our recent episode of Ammonia Project Features, we explored the potential of domestically-produced renewable ammonia to both replace these imports and position India as an ammonia energy giant. Excellent solar PV resources, plentiful government support and access to “round-the-clock” renewables were all highlighted as key drivers for India to meet its renewable ammonia potential.

HyEx: ammonia from the Chilean desert

In our latest episode of Ammonia Project Features, Asunción Borras (Engie) and Pablo Wallach (Enaex) presented the HyEx project. Although a historical exporter of nitrogen fertilizers, Chile is now a major importer of ammonia, particularly as a feedstock for manufacturing mining explosives. Solar PV generating potential in Chile’s Atacama desert is among the world’s best, and the HyEx project will leverage this to produce renewable ammonia. By 2030, HyEx could produce enough ammonia to completely replace Enaex’s current ammonia imports, with volume left for exports or other applications.

Brooge Energy and Siemens Energy to boost UAE renewable ammonia industry

The pair will partner to develop a renewable hydrogen & ammonia project near Abu Dhabi, powered by 650 MW of solar PV in the first phase. The announcement adds to a growing portfolio of electrolysis and CCS-based ammonia projects in the UAE. Also in the Middle East, neighbouring Oman looks to position itself as the ideal “midway” ammonia bunker hub between Rotterdam and Singapore.

Japanese giants explore renewable ammonia production in Chile

As part of the HyEx project, Mitsui & Co., Toyo Engineering and Enaex will develop a solar-powered, 18,000 tonnes-per-year renewable ammonia plant in Tocopilla, northern Chile. Just outside of Tocopilla, Sumitomo and Chilean transmission utility Colbún have teamed up to explore renewable ammonia production & export. The pair will also assess million-tonne-per-year production in Chile’s south. Also in South America, Proton Ventures have contracted Fitchner to assess the feasibility of planned renewable production projects.

IHI: ammonia in the UAE & Malaysia, supporting start-ups

IHI Corporation has announced three new ammonia partnerships this month. In the UAE, it will embark on Dubai’s first “green” ammonia feasibility study with the Emirates National Oil Company Group, with a solar-powered pilot plant to be built. In Malaysia, IHI and Petronas subsidiary Gentari Hydrogen will explore ammonia production from solar power in Johor, Malaysia. And following its investment in US-based Starfire Energy in November, IHI and Japan-based Angel Navi will identify more decarbonisation venture opportunities in Japan and around the world.

Envision Energy - green hydrogen and green ammonia business

Envision Group is a world leading net-zero tech supplier that aspires to solve the challenges for a sustainable future, with the integrated full value chain of the green new industry from upstream wind power supply to downstream industrial gases. Envision targets decarbonization at scale and offers a variety of solution such as sales of equipment & system, turn-key project handover, operation & maintainance and chemical process design solution. With a firm start in Chifeng city & Jinzhou port, Envision is right now constructing large scale green hydrogen & ammonia projects in mainland China, which will be on-stream by the end…