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Natural gas based, ultra-low carbon ammonia without fluegas scrubbing

Reducing the carbon footprint of ammonia is urgent more than ever, and requires new technology innovations to achieve this goal, while keeping these plants competitive and viable. In this session, we will review latest proposed technologies from thyssenkrupp Uhde to achieve ultra-low carbon emissions by implementing a new process flowsheet that replaces the common primary reforming approach and eliminates the need of a fluegas scrubbing system. We will also review the advantages of the new proposed technologies in terms of capex and management of risk associated with new technology implementation.

Serving the large-scale hydrogen and ammonia market - Expansion to 5 GW of annual electrolyzer manufacturing

To address the challenges of the global energy transition and ever increasing project sizes disruptive approaches are required. Being a global market leader in large scale ammonia plants and electrolysis technology thyssenkrupp will expand its production capacity of 1 GW electrolysis cells today to 5 GW by 2025. Within four years the company will therefore be further expanding its technology leadership along the entire green chemicals value chain. This involves not only the series manufacturing of large-scale water electrolyzers, but also further development of technologies for the production of synthetic fuels, green ammonia, green methanol and synthetic natural gas at…