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NH3 Arab Events – A duo webinar on green ammonia

NH3 Event Europe Foundation and the Arab Fertilizer Association (AFA) will join forces in NH3 Arab Events to host two digital events, on December 8 and 9, 2020, on the topic of green NH3 in the Arab world. Our aim of organizing these events is to build knowledge and share information about green ammonia possibilities in the Arab world.

NH3 Event announces big names for third annual Rotterdam conference

After two successful years, the NH3 Event returns on June 6 & 7 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, for the third edition. Ammonia is still an underestimated route to achieving a sustainable energy economy. At the NH3 Event, members of the energy community, including the public, NGOs, policy-makers, industries, and academics — including well-known experts, developers, and scientists — gather to present the latest research results and commercial achievements, and to discuss new application fields and business prospects for ammonia in energy solutions. And this year with very interesting names!