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India launches subsidy scheme for renewable ammonia production

The Indian government has launched a new incentive scheme for renewable ammonia, aiming to support the production of 550,000 tonnes per year from 2027. The news comes as the first winners of subsidies for renewable hydrogen production & domestic electrolyser manufacturing were announced. In December, the government also amended an existing scheme to provide financial assistance for new-build vessels powered by green fuels, including ammonia.

ACME to supply renewable ammonia to IHI in Japan

ACME and IHI have signed an offtake agreement for the supply of renewable ammonia from the pair’s under-development production plant in Odisha, eastern India. On a long-term basis, 400,000 tons per year will be transported, with production to begin in 2027. A number of other Indian production projects were launched this month.

Certified renewable, bio ammonia incorporated into new supply chains

ISCC PLUS-certified renewable ammonia from Fertiglobe will be used in a low-carbon laundry powder demonstration project by Unilever in India. In Germany, bio-ammonia produced by OCI Global (also ISCC PLUS-certified) will be used to produce methylmethacrylate, a key feedstock in PLEXIGLAS® production. The two announcements join a number of supply chains which have now incorporated low-carbon and renewable ammonia.

Avaada Group: $2 billion secured for new Odisha project

REC Limited has committed nearly $5 billion total to three new energy projects in Odisha state, including renewable ammonia projects to be developed by Avaada and ACME Group. Avaada also announced that its facility will include a “cutting-edge” ammonia storage facility, to be developed at Gopalpur Port. The new funds follow a $1 billion investment in Avaada from infrastructure giant Brookfield earlier this year.

India: new state-level hydrogen & ammonia policy, national hydrogen standard

The state government of Andhra Pradesh launched its new hydrogen and ammonia policy in June, including a production target of up to 2 million tonnes per year of renewable ammonia, plus a raft of incentives to attract project developers to the Indian state. The news comes as India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy sets the standard for “green” hydrogen produced in the country.

Macquarie, ACME help finance renewable ammonia projects

A $325 million investment from Macquarie Asset Management will support Atlas Agro’s new Pacific Green Fertilizer Plant in Washington state, USA. FID on the plant is due early next year, which will produce 700,000 tonnes of zero-carbon nitrate fertiliser each year.

In India, ACME Group has secured two loans from REC Limited: $500 million to fully finance the first phase of the ACME’s Duqm renewable ammonia project, and $2.5 billion to support the first phases of ACME’s “round the clock” renewable power projects in Odisha and Tail Nadu.