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New CCS partnerships in the USA

This week we explore three new partnerships for CCS-based ammonia production in the USA:

  • CF Industries, ExxonMobil & EnLink Midstream, for decarbonisation of the Donaldsonville production plant in Louisiana.
  • Air Liquide, Chevron, LyondellBasell, and Uniper for a new production facility on the Gulf Coast.
  • And Tallgrass & Equinor for the potential production of hydrogen and ammonia across the USA, leveraging Tallgrass’ existing infrastructure network.

Natural gas based, ultra-low carbon ammonia without fluegas scrubbing

Reducing the carbon footprint of ammonia is urgent more than ever, and requires new technology innovations to achieve this goal, while keeping these plants competitive and viable. In this session, we will review latest proposed technologies from thyssenkrupp Uhde to achieve ultra-low carbon emissions by implementing a new process flowsheet that replaces the common primary reforming approach and eliminates the need of a fluegas scrubbing system. We will also review the advantages of the new proposed technologies in terms of capex and management of risk associated with new technology implementation.

Making ammonia blue - the easy way

Production of low-carbon “blue” ammonia requires the addition of a carbon capture & storage (CCS) solution to the ammonia value chain. With the prevalence of geologic storage immediately below many US ammonia production facilities, onsite co-location of CCS facilities provides a number of attractive benefits to producers looking to make their ammonia low-carbon. Onsite CCS is a proven, ready-to-execute solution (the only two existing CCS projects in the U.S. today are co-located with emitting facilities) that delivers a lower cost, lower complexity decarbonization pathway for ammonia production, while simultaneously capturing the benefits of “outsourcing” CO2 disposal.

Low-carbon ammonia at LSB Industries

LSB Industries is the fifth largest ammonia producer in the US and operates three manufacturing facilities in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Alabama. This year, the company announced its sustainability priorities and two major projects designed to reduce the carbon intensity of its ammonia production. The projects will reduce the companies carbon footprint by over 25% and consist of the construction of a carbon capture and sequestration facility to permanently sequester 450k metric tons of CO2 annually and the retrofitting of an ammonia plant to handle clean hydrogen from eletrolysis which will turn ~15% of the plant production into zero-carbon ammonia. Details…

More CCS projects announced for the US Gulf Coast

New US CCS ammonia announcements include: a new million-tonne-per-year facility for OCI in Texas, a new $2 billion production facility for CF Industries and Mitsui & Co. in Louisiana, multi-million-tonnes-per-year of production output for JERA, ConocoPhillips and Uniper on the Gulf Coast spread over multiple export projects, and FID reached for OCI’s decarbonisation project in Iowa.

Yara & Northern Lights ink key CCS deal

Yara and Northern Lights have signed the world’s first commercial agreement for cross border CO2 transport and storage. Emissions from the Sluiskil production plant in the Netherlands will be captured, processed and transported for sequestration at the Northern Lights storage site off the coast of Norway. Yara is pursuing multiple decarbonisation options for the Sluiskil plant, including this CCS announcement, waste hydrogen, and offshore wind-to-hydrogen as part of Ørsted’s larger SeaH2Land project.