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Marine engines ordered, construction contracts signed

WinGD’s X‑DF‑A dual-fuel engines have been ordered by Singapore-based shipping giant AET for deployment onboard new Aframax tankers, being built in China. Fishing vessels operators Vardin and Framherji have ordered Wärtsilä 25 engines for a series of three fishing trawlers that will operate in the Faroe Islands. In construction news, CMB.TECH will build the Yara Eyde vessel for Yara and North Sea Container Line in China, with vessel delivery scheduled for mid-2026.

Lloyd’s Register: vessel AiP and development updates

Several ammonia-centric vessel designs were granted AiP at the recent Posidonia shipping exhibition in Greece. Lloyd’s Register approved designs including the world’s largest Very Large Ammonia Carrier, a container vessel and a gas carrier propelled by Amogy’s ammonia-to-power technology, a NOX-compliant container vessel featuring a MAN ammonia engine, and an ammonia-powered Very Large Ore Carrier. Lloyd’s Register also recently approved H2SITE’s onboard ammonia cracking technology.

Offtake term sheets signed for Indian renewable ammonia

Sojitz and Kyushu Electric will offtake the full volume of ammonia production from the first phase of Sembcorp’s under-development production project in India, with the intention to supply various industrial customers in the Kyushu region of Japan. In more term sheet news, Avaada will supply renewable ammonia to Mysore, a distributor of ammonia to Indian customers.